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Hanford California Family-Friendly Excursions

Hanford families are always searching for a family-friendly get-away. Hanford is conveniently located within 2 hours of numerous great sites. Our top picks include Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cambria, Sequoia National Park, and also the Fresno Zoo. Hanford Times

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Just 2 hours north on Interstate 5 after which Highway 52, Hanford residents can go to this world-class aquarium in old town Monterey. The aquarium houses a good amount of ocean life, including tide pools. The aquarium borders sailing itself allowing the water life of the aquarium to experience the ocean. You can enjoy sea lion exhibits when you feel waves from the Pacific Ocean crash against you. While there, Monterey houses a great assortment of seafood restaurants and is minutes from Carmel State Beach.

Cambria Beach

About a couple of hours west of Hanford will be the village of Cambria, near of Highway 41. Cambria hosts a pebble beach where pebbles replace sand about the beach itself, gently massaging the feet. A small park borders the beach and provides great playtime for younger kids.

Within the village of Cambria there is an historic Linn's restaurant as well as an assortment of cafes. Boutiques line the small streets too.

Sequoia National Park

Approximately 2 hours east of Hanford lies Sequoia National Park, just up Highway 198 past Visalia and Three Rivers. Although entrance to the park is just a few miles past Three Rivers, one's heart of the park is a second 60 minutes drive (for a total of two hours from Hanford).

While you go to the park, you may pass Moro Rock, a chance for exercise climbing up, but well worth it as you observe the Golden Trout Wilderness inside the high Sequoias and the San Joaquin Valley below.

Near Moro Rock is Crescent Meadow, a charming walk by itself that provides a surprise: a hollowed-out log that has been once used as a home by a fellow named "Tharpe." Tharpe's Log is on the way around Crescent Meadow.

You should have possibilities to drive through and also on the surface of Giant Sequoia trees, the earth's largest living things. In the heart of the park itself is the largest from the giants, the General Sherman tree. You may park near it and walk even its base for pictures. Lodge Pole nearby the Sherman tree is your best option for food before you go back home. Hanford Newspaper

Fresno Zoo

The Fresno Zoo can be a relatively small zoo but beautifully landscaped and offering an assortment of activities. Most days you will find the possibility to feed a giraffe or touch stingrays. On weekends and throughout the summer, the employees puts on an entertaining bird show. The zoo provides a jungle having a collection of rare and exquisite birds. Elephants, orangutans, monkeys, tigers, giraffes, zebras, condors, and much more line the landscaped paths from the Fresno zoo.

Top Picks
All a brief drive from Hanford, these great sites offer family-friendly fun and even a bit of exercise for Central California residents.
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